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The Real History of the Enneagram

Join me in exploring the real origins of the Enneagram as we debunk common myths and misunderstandings along the way.

As the Enneagram grows in popularity, its origins have become a hot topic in churches and on social media. Some claim that the Enneagram is an ancient Christian tool. Others say it is a not-so-sacred occultist tool created by spirits or demons. Is it possible to know?

After much in-depth research, I found that the Enneagram is not that mysterious or confusing. Whether you are looking for a fascinating history lesson on the Enneagram or seeking answers to common objections, this course is for you! I want to equip you as a coach or enthusiast to confidently use the Enneagram in your personal or professional work.

What you'll get:

  • 8 modules (21 lessons) with 2 hours and 50 minutes of condensed video teaching  
  • Course Workbook (PDF) with bullet point notes, key takeaways, quotes, Enneagram history timeline, and more!
  • All Course Slides shown in the videos (PDF)
  • MP3 audio bundle of all the lessons

What People Are Saying:

Tyler Zach’s course on the History of the Enneagram is a “must have” class for any Christian using the Enneagram in their ministry. Tyler demonstrates the historical and philosophical development of this tool and how Christians may get the most out of it. Don’t believe the myths about the Enneagram. Get the facts!

Jimmy, pastor and Enneagram coach

EVERYTHING you need to know about the origins and history of the Enneagram. Tyler provides thorough, clear, and fascinating facts and explanations that are easy to understand and practical to use. High praise for this affordable, worthwhile course!

Sharon, Enneagram and relationships coach

I finally feel like the random puzzle pieces I had have come together to form a clearer picture and response to the question of the origins. I especially enjoyed the biographies and video clips that really brought the characters and time line to life! You will not regret taking this course!

Lindsey, Enneagram trainer