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The Gospel For Enneagram Summit All Access Pass

What's Included:

April 4th: The Enneagram & You

Jesse Eubanks — What Each Type Wants & The Idols They Settle For
Amie Patrick — Crash Course on all 9 Types
Milton Stewart — Finding Your Subtype 
Lisa Visher — Your Identity & The Enneagram
Dr. Drew Moser — Enneagram Triads & Discernment
Beth & Jeff McCord — Coaching Others with the Enneagram
Rev. Clare Loughrige — Harmony Triads

April 5th: The Enneagram & God

Marilyn Vancil — Image of God in Each Type
Kim Eddy — Practical Ways To Become More Like Jesus
Lindsey Lewis — How Each Type Relates to God
Meredith Boggs — Vices and Virtues
Pastor John Fooshee - The Good News For Each Type
Dayo Ajanaku — How Jesus Exemplifies Each Type

April 6th: The Enneagram & Church

Dr. Russell Moore — Special Interview 
Pastor Sean Palmer — Speaking by the Numbers: Enneagram
        Wisdom for Teachers, Pastors, and Communicators
Marlena Graves — The Enneagram and Leadership Styles
Tyler Zach — The Real History of the Enneagram
Dr. Todd Wilson — The Enneagram Debate in the Church
Brian Lee — Spiritual Abuse, Religious Trauma, and Church Hurt
Nicole Cox — Cross-Cultural Awareness Panel

April 7th: The Enneagram & Relationships 

Suzanne Stabile — Healthy Relationships 
Jackie Brewster — Handling Conflict
Dani Cooper — Healthy Communication
Brittany Thomas — Relating to Your Co-Workers
Christa Hardin — 3 Ways Each Type Can Improve Their Marriage
Elisabeth Bennett — How Your Enneagram Type Impacts Your Kids
Hillary McCaskey — How To Understand Your Kids WIth The Enneagram
Amy Wicks — Enneagram Coaching: Be a Guide By The Side,
        Not a Sage On The Stage

Plus These Bonuses:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all 2023 Summit videos
  • Downloadable MP3 Audio files for all 2023 Summit talks
  • Live Q&A Zoom Call with Suzanne Stabile (April 4th @ 11:30am CST) - video and audio recording
  • $200 off Your Enneagram Coach's "Become An Enneagram Coach" Course
  • 50% off John Fooshee's GospelEnneagram.com online courses and Individual Type reports
  • 10% off International Enneagram Accredited (IEA) Certification taught by Clare Loughrige
  • 25% off any product in Hillary McCaskey's Enneagram & Coaching Etsy Store

What People Are Saying:

The Summit was exceptional, professional, flawless, and went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you for creating and providing a resource that is not only informative and invaluable, but a resource that was done with excellence! Everything about it was outstanding!


I was 15 minutes into one of the first videos and I knew I had to get the pass. And now I can watch it anytime, forever and ever Amen!


This has been the most amazing and BEST summit ever!!!


This collection of speakers is a beautiful resource. Looking forward to using as an encyclopedia :)


... the price for the content is incredible! ... spending the money to access everything whenever I want is by far the best investment I could have made. I have spent much more on other Enneagram training without it being nearly as diverse and educational as what I have learned.