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F2023 The Gospel For Enneagram Summit All Access Pass

What's Included:

October 3rd: The Enneagram & You

Russ Hudson - A Special Behind-The-Scenes Interview
Lisa Vischer - Disarming Your Defense Mechanism
Christina Wilcox - Self Care Tips for Your Type
Dr. Chuck DeGroat - The Nine Faces of Narcissism
Abbey Howe - The Annoying Things Your Type Does
Milton Stewart - How Instincts Give Your Type a Different “Flavor”
Jeff Cook and T.J. Wilson - Enneagram Lines: Find Tools in Stress

October 4th: The Enneagram & God

AJ Sherrill - Spiritual Practices for Each Type
Adam Breckenridge - The Message Each Type Longs To Hear & and Christ’s Response
Tyler Zach - The Allure of Godhood: Each Type’s Temptation to Be More Than Human
Kathryn Leary Alsdorf  - Enneagram, Work & the Gospel
Dr. Tom LaHue - Returning to Eden: The Enneagram's Path to Finding Home Again
Hunter Mobley - Exploring Passions and Embracing Virtues

October 5th: The Enneagram & Relationships

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober - Relationship Tips for Each Type
Seth Abram - Conflict Styles: An Opportunity For Personal and Relational Growth
Ainsley Britain - Tips for Relating to Teenagers
Brian Lee - How To Love Each Type Better
Clifton Roth — Each Type’s Experience of Loneliness
Leslie Bley - Enneagram & Attachment: Where Nature & Nurture Collide

October 6th: The Enneagram & Culture

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe - The Brain-Based Enneagram
Sandra Maria Van Opstal - Making a Distinct Difference in the World
Jessica Denise Dickson - The Antiracist Enneagram
Dr. Marie Mallory - How To Share The Gospel With Each Type
Catherine Bell - How To Become an Awakening Leader
Beth and Jeff McCord - The Power of Becoming an Enneagram Coach

Note: You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all videos, MP3 audio files, and transcripts for the sessions above.